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It's time for me to get my own place to dump all my thoughts and anything else that doesn't fall into the other groups I belong to. I'll likely blog about my geek outs (comic books, fictional characters, people that I wish knew who I was), my very important Hollywood job (paper pushing and list making, oh my!), my well educated snobby film school opinion of movies (feel free to disagree with me, I'm generally against the norm), and all the fabulous things I do around this disgusting town (the Arclight is my only haven). I may ramble a bit, but I promise that if you pick through all the jumble, there's usually an intelligent thought in there. So without further ado, and if anyone actually cares, come join the group to get a glimpse into this phase of my glamorous Hollywood life.

6 A.M. Music

Posted By Dana Forman on Feb 18, 2009 at 2:42PM

Phasekitty has been really digging Horse Feathers, a band that I turned her onto a while back, and asked me for a recommendation for some other mellow music that she can listen to at 6 A.M.

Here ya go, lady!


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On Sugar

Posted By Phasekitty on Sep 14, 2008 at 5:15PM

Now that I finally got my site to look the way I'd like it to, I finally posted an entry on OnSugar. I can't say how often I'll post there, but it's all photos so you wouldn't miss much. Anyway, if you want to follow it, it's here:



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Brando Playing with his Brother! :squee:

Posted By Phasekitty on Aug 31, 2008 at 2:46PM

So, you may recall I mentioned that we met Brando's brother Norman, who lives just around the corner from us, a few weeks ago. It's such a weird coincidence and we thought it was hysterical, but it was a brief meeting that didn't allow for much information swapping. Last night, we took Brando down before bed and ran into Norman again. This time we spent almost an hour chatting about their similar habits, letting the pups play, and exchanging contact info for future play dates. We fully intend on getting together soon in the tennis court after it shuts down for the night, but when the lights are still on, so that we can let them go in an enclosed area and just play. They were sooo cute together and they have the same mannerisms and the same bark. Brando never barks at other dogs, but they were totally talking to each other last night and we couldn't tell which one was which. Also, Norman's actually his little brother by one week exactly. He's one of the lemons that we looked at and then decided to go with the older litter because we couldn't resist Brando's sweet eyes. We got this video on our phone, which is why it's such low quality, but it's all we've got.

When we plan a get together, I'm totally taking my camera. :)

Brando Beats the Heat

Posted By Phasekitty on Jun 22, 2008 at 2:27PM

So this massive heat wave is getting some of us Californians down. Brando's got that fur coat and droopy skin and he mopes around and looks at me with his sad eyes and I scoop him up and hold him in front of the AC for a few minutes. Yesterday, he decided to try a different tactic to beat the heat.

All of these pictures were taken at least an hour apart on Saturday.

I'm pretty sure he's hoping to wake up in October.

All he got up to do was eat and pee.

He would come in from outside and go right back to his post.

Even when we put boxes on his couch, it didn't get him down.

And then when he woke up today it was a bit cooler, because our heat wave is starting to disperse. It's only 90 today! :woohoo: I guess his plan worked. :ponder:

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Pick my Outfit...Please!!

Posted By Phasekitty on Apr 10, 2008 at 9:53AM

Okay, I'm 100% fashion impaired and I don't belong to any of the "Fashion/Outfit" groups on Sugar for that very reason, so I'm posting this publicly here in hopes that someone with taste might be able to help me out.

I'm going out tonight to an event that I had thought to be reasonably casual, but have recently learned that many people are dressing up and I thought maybe I should too. So I tossed the jeans and light sweater I had planned on wearing back into the closet and pulled out some skirts. Now I've got lots of skirts: jean skirts, khaki skirts, these great comfy skirts that are made out of like sweat pants material, but I only have two skirts, really, that I would wear out to something nice and that's a white, knee length flouncy skirt with white stitched flowers from Old Navy and a knee length flowy black skirt from J Crew. I always have a hard time pairing something nice with these as I'll usually put them on in the summer with a tank top or something, so I thought I'd do a little shopping.

I do most of my shopping online from work or on weekends because I have no lunch break that I can go out and shop on and by the time I get out of work and drive back to my neck of the woods, the mall is only open for another hour. So last night I sped over to the mall after work and dashed into two reliable and reasonably cheap stores: Old Navy and New York and Company. Because I only had an hour, I skipped the fitting rooms and just bought a lot of clothes that I liked that might form some sort of outfit tonight, and figured I'd return what didn't work later. So...now you get to play dress up. Here are the clothes I bought last night. Try to pair them with my white or black skirt, or if you think jeans or something else might work then I might have it. Feel free to throw in accessories and I'll see if I have anything comparable. Oh, and I threw in the pair of shoes that I'm likely to wear, but feel free to change them as well.

Okay, dress me!!! :)

-/I don't think this picture is very flattering- it didn't look this baggy last night. :-/

I didn't actually take a picture of my shoes, I found this pic on ebay.  Although that does look like my kitchen floor tile...maybe my bf is selling my stuff off to make a quick buck?I didn't actually take a picture of my shoes, I found this pic on ebay. Although that does look like my kitchen floor tile...maybe my bf is selling my stuff off to make a quick buck?

Calling all comic book and Alan Moore fans...

Posted By Phasekitty on Apr 1, 2008 at 4:50PM

I don't know how many fellow closet comic book fans are out there (or not so closet, if you're ready to embrace your geekdom), but I seriously just found one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Directed by my beloved's blog, I discovered this beautiful piece called "Alphabets of Desire." Written by the amazing Alan Moore and signed by him and Todd Klein, one of the greatest letterers in the business, it's an amazing addition to any collection and...it's only $20! And $5 to ship! I was so stoked I bought two prints because I know way too many people who will love this as much as I do. The first printing sold out in 3 days and it's now in it's second print. Here's where you can read about how it was created and here's where you can buy it. It'd make an awesome gift to any comic book geek out there, and with Watchmen hitting theaters next year there are sure to be many Alan Moore fans in the making.

I felt I had to post this on the off chance that another geek would stumble on it and buy something awesome. Cause I just did! :nerdgirl:

Paley Fest - Damages

Posted By Phasekitty on Mar 25, 2008 at 9:47AM

Last week I managed to score some tickets to the Damages panel at PaleyFest. I was super excited, however, I’d never actually seen it. Though it’d been on my radar and I’d only heard good things, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, what with the 15 or so shows that I already watch on a regular basis. So I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and started to download the first season onto my TiVo from Amazon Unbox. Then my boyfriend and I settled in for a three day weekend with Glenn Close.

I couldn’t believe that we powered through all 13 episodes in just three days, but the mystery is so intriguing and the performances absolutely suck you in. It was incredible, and seeing the cast and watching the panel the next day made it an even better experience.

They kicked things off with a clip from the Paley Center archives- 1984’s Something About Amelia, a TV movie starring much younger versions of Glenn Close and Ted Danson, marking the last time they’d been on screen together. Then the creators of the show came out and showed a series of some of the best and most intense scenes from the first season. Afterwards, the whole panel came out, introduced by the moderator Stuart Levine of Daily Variety: Daniel Zelman (creator/executive producer), Todd Kessler (creator/executive producer), Glenn Kessler (creator/executive producer), Anastasia Griffith (Katie Connor), Noah Beane (David Connor), Zeljko Ivanek (Ray Fiske), Tate Donovan (Tom Shayes), Ted Danson (Arthur Frobisher), and Glenn Close (Patty Hewes). Though Rose Byrne (Ellen Parsons) was on the list she couldn’t make it as she was filming a movie in Australia. This was a real shame as I was really looking forward to her and Glenn Close discussing Ellen and Patty’s relationship. Here’s a run down of what the panel had to say:

The creators talked a lot about how the show is hinged on the “social dynamic of power in the workplace” through women. Glenn Close talked about how much she loves playing such a strong female role and “the effort it takes to maintain her power.” She carried over a piece of advice to her role on Damages that she’d gotten while working on The Shield, “It’s about being a women and not letting it matter.”

Glenn Kessler talked about their pitch to FX and how it’s the networks first and only legal show because they had yet to find one that fit their brand of programming. Todd Kessler chimed in that it’s not your typical legal show, as they focus more on the behind the scenes and in the office aspect of the law. They were very proud that in 13 episodes, there’s only half of one scene that takes place in a courtroom. They decided to bring the tension and drama between litigators and clients into a deposition setting instead.

Tate Donovan on whether the cast and writers enjoy the liberties that FX allows with it’s programming, “Sh*t, yeah! Friggin’ love it!”

Close was suggested by FX for the show because they’d had such a good experience with her on The Shield.

Asked why Close switches back and forth from film to TV and which she likes more she responds, “The English do it, why can’t we? Movies take so much longer…with TV you get a fantastic rhythm going.”

For Ted Danson, his interest in the show peaked when he heard Close was attached. He didn’t want to do any more 30 minute comedies as he felt he had overstayed his welcome on that platform.

Danson claims that Frobisher is not necessarily a villain, he’s just “narcissistic and in way over his head. Wouldn’t you be scared?” he added, pointing to Close.

“It’s Tennessee Williams on steroids.” Zeljko Ivanek, on how he created Ray Fiske’s Louisiana accent.

When asked what there was to like about Close’s character, Patty Hewes, she exclaimed, “Her clothes!”

Close’s biggest challenge with the character is that she still doesn’t know where Patty comes from or who her parents are. She offered to create a background for the character and the creators were against it. Close now views it as “an exercise in living in the moment.”

When Close was asked if she’d ever questioned things her character had done, she said that she had trouble dealing with some of the things Patty did to Ellen that toed the line, “I didn’t want to become a psychopath. I’ve done that!

Regarding David’s stalker, Lila DeMayo, the mod asked if it would end up like the “Russian in the woods” of The Sopranos, in that you’re always waiting for it to come back and it doesn’t. The creators admitted that they did cut a lot of the storyline for time but that it was always intended as a red herring.

“He was the most decent guy of all…and look what happened to him.” – Close on Noah Beane’s character, David Connor. Beane admitted that though a lot of people thought he was dooming himself by taking the part of a character that died in the pilot, it was nice to know his character’s fate from the very first episode, unlike others who found out a few episodes into filming.

Damages is currently in the writing stage for season two and they announced that it has officially been picked up for a third season as well. When asked about their rapidly dwindling cast (due to character deaths), they said they will be casting at least three new characters for the second season. They’d like to stay true to their time jump and mystery format, but also make it easy for new viewers to pick it up. Basically, as far as long-term arcs go, the show will begin and end with Patty and Ellen’s relationship.

AFI Film Festival - In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Posted By Phasekitty on Nov 16, 2007 at 5:11PM

Here’s a cute little romance that follows Wilson (Scoot McNairy), a single, lonely writer in Hollywood who, upon the urging of his friends, reluctantly posts on craigslist (“misanthrope seeking misanthrope”) to find someone to spend New Year’s Eve with. He receives a call from Vivian (Sara Simmonds), a cute, chain-smoking blonde who, after interviewing him, gives him until sunset to prove that he’s worth her time on New Year’s Eve. Together they walk through Los Angeles, visiting different sites, eating ice cream, and getting to know each other.

Shot in black and white, this movie creates an intimate vibe between two strangers. The snappy dialogue makes these characters believable and keeps the audience interested, though the bulk of the movie is simply two people walking in LA one afternoon. In fact, the film accomplishes an even more difficult task in making you believe that one could actually spend an afternoon walking around LA, rather than driving from destination to destination (in reality, such is not the case). The supporting cast is peppered with colorful characters, including Wilson’s roommate Jacob (Brian McGuire), who is agonizing over the right moment to propose to his girlfriend, Min (Kathleen Luong). The story airs on the side of typical romance, but inevitably ends up being very cute and comes up with an original, ominous ending for the audience to interpret at will.

In a Q&A just as delightful as the film, a chunk of the cast and crew came up to talk about the movie. It turns out that the director suffered a lot of the same mishaps as his main character, like moving to Hollywood with a screenplay in negotiations to sell, only to have his bag stolen out of a stroller he was four feet away from, and therefore losing any copy or record of the script he had. The cast and crew were all really close and had been working together for years on small independent films shot in Austin. This was their first LA film and they shot it in a mere two weeks, guerilla-style. An impressive feat on its own, but the film is great as well, so they get major props from me.

AFI Film Festival - Juno

Posted By Phasekitty on Nov 12, 2007 at 12:27PM

The AFI Festival delivered an early screening of Juno as its Centerpiece Gala that also doubled as a red carpet event in the Cinerama Dome at the Arclight. There were uniformed joggers, complete with uncomfortably short yellow shorts, stirring attention outside the theater as they jogged around urging people to go see Juno on December 5th. Unfortunately, the festival had tandem screenings and we were in a theater upstairs. While we generally prefer a normal theater to the Dome, we missed all the red carpet excitement, and most of the joggers’ antics, plus there was an introduction from the cast in the Dome and all we got was director Jason Reitman. Seemed like a nice guy, but I would have preferred Ellen Page and Jason Bateman.

Despite all of this, I have to say right away that Juno is such a cute, adorable, and quirky movie! It’s everything you expect it to be and then some. It's so good, even, that I can almost find nothing to say about it except, go see this movie when it comes out! There were definitely laugh out loud moments, but also tender ones; at one point I even choked up a bit. For those who haven’t heard what this movie’s about, it follows a 16 year old high school girl, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page), who gets pregnant after sleeping with her close friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). Knowing that she’s too young to keep the baby, but having reservations about aborting it, Juno turns to the Pennysaver where she finds a seemingly perfect couple (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) to adopt her child. If you’re thinking this movie might make light of teenage pregnancy, think again. While the film is hysterical, it also makes a point to show how immature Juno is. She refers to people as “dude” and “holmes” and calls the abortion clinic from her hamburger telephone.

The cast works so well together- I loved Ellen Page as the snarky, sarcastic Juno and Jennifer Garner plays the baby-obsessed mommy-to-be Vanessa with an endearing charm. The real scene stealers, however, are J.K. Simmons and Alison Janney as Juno’s father and stepmother. They are surprisingly supportive of their pregnant teenage daughter’s decision to have the baby and yet still make fat jokes and poke fun at the elastic sewn into her jeans.

The soundtrack to this movie is fantastic- a bunch of quirky little songs that play beautifully with the story. The most prominently used tune is The Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone Else But You” which plays a few times and is even sung by Ellen Page and Michael Cera in the film. It almost seems as though this movie was written to accompany this song, but apparently it was chosen for the film by Ellen Page as a song that she thought Juno would listen to. I think she is probably one of the coolest cats in Hollywood these days, plus she’s got an enormous amount of talent and promise. I hope to see her stick around for a long time.

After the movie we were disappointed to hear there was no Q&A, so we missed out on seeing the cast altogether, but we spotted J.K. Simmons on our way out the door so all was not lost. For two Spider-man geeks, seeing J. Jonah Jameson made the experience totally worth it :)

AFI Film Festival - Southland Tales

Posted By Phasekitty on Nov 4, 2007 at 12:15AM

Here’s the first of a handful of reviews I’ll have from the AFI Film Festival this year in Los Angeles. I love film festivals- it’s an excuse to just waste the day (or week) watching a ton of movies, back to back. They’re not all great, but there always tends to be a few gems. The best part about festivals is that you go into the movie with almost no expectations. These films have had no promotion yet; there hasn’t been posters, trailers, or tie-ins every time you turn around. In fact, most of the time you walk into the theater knowing no more than the log line in the program. Coming in with a completely clean slate is the best way to see a movie, and to really perceive afterwards what you truly thought.

Thus, there was no better way for me to see the first entry in my AFI Festival series: Southland Tales. All I knew about this film was that it was the second film by Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, it had Justin Timberlake and The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) in it, and that Kevin Smith had a role that had been basically slimmed down to a cameo in the editing process. With this open mind and clean slate, I sat down to what I thought was an awesome way to kick off my festival days.

Southland Tales is a contrived story that weaves through plot lines and characters in a not-too-distant future (summer 2008) that finds a world seized by a third World War. The film opens with a nuclear attack on Texas, paving the way for a fascist government, which seizes control of the nation by monitoring everything from the internet to public bathrooms. As the world enters a fuel crisis, an alternative energy source is being built off the coast of LA that will power everything wirelessly. Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson), a famous action movie star with political ties, has disappeared into the desert and returned with amnesia. A member of a Neo-Marxism group (Sean William Scott) is posing as his twin brother (also Scott), a cop, to help Santaros research his next role in an apocalyptic film, which he wrote with porn star Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who is merchandising her image into an enterprise complete with her own pop album and energy drink. All this and so much more, narrated by Pilot Abilene (Justin Timberlake) as he maintains his God-like perch above Santa Monica pier with a machine gun.

A little complicated? Sure- in fact this is only scratching the surface of a very large cast of characters acted by a handful of very talented and well known actors whom all weave together and cross paths at some point during the three days we witness in the Southland. The ensemble plays well- the actors all put in top notch performances, specifically those of Dwayne Johnson who, after movies like The Scorpion King and The Game Plan, I didn’t know had it in him and Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays porn star disturbingly well. Timberlake continues to impress me with his acting chops, specifically in an enthralling, drug-induced, dreamlike sequence that will never have you listening to The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done” the same way again. The direction is also compelling; the film is very tight, even with a 144 minute run time, and the camera movements are fantastic and invasive. Rounded out with some great special effects, the film is very well made.

The story can be murky in spots, I’ll admit, but not enough for me to ever lose interest. When the credits rolled I found myself wanting to watch it again immediately, as I felt years ago the first time I saw Donnie Darko, to try to piece everything together. It’s definitely a film worth multiple viewings, with a striking amount of similarities to Darko, I’d say that Kelly is becoming quite the auteur of complicated science fiction.

I was surprised then, when I got home and looked up others opinions on the film, to be confronted with many negative reviews. Apparently the characters and plot lines didn’t come together as well for others, and the Donnie Darko similarities were too large for some critics to ignore. Which is why I’m glad that I knew none of that going into the film- I wasn’t looking for things not to make sense, but instead accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to understand everything on my first time through. I can’t wait to see this film again, and to get it on DVD to pick it apart scene by scene. As long as Richard Kelly continues to put together amazing casts and pair them with his great filmmaking skills, I’ll be in line to see his movies. Even if I don’t understand them.